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How it was 2019

Moscow Urban Fest

UMWELT is a cross-section of the ecosystem that we can perceive. It is limited by our sensory organs and our knowledge.

For instance, we lend particular importance to abstract concepts such as money while perceiving reality mostly visually. For dogs, on the contrary, their world is based on smells that they can use to know where their neighbor was half an hour ago.

However, worlds differ between more than just different species. Two human beings can also live in two absolutely different universes. We have to make an effort to better understand others and expand our perception.

Why are we organizing MOSCOW URBAN FEST? We want to offer our guests a chance to expand their perception and see the city from a different angle.

When we look at the city closer, it shows us new facets of itself. This is our FIRST GOAL: we want the most usual of city walks to be filled with new impressions. The Festival talks about the city using various perception systems and encourages different people to share their stories. The more points of view, the better we understand what we see. This is our SECOND GOAL: to show diversity where everybody can find something special.

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