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5 July 20:40 – 22:40

Movie "The Real Thing"

The Real Thing, France, 2018 

Paris, the Taj Mahal, Venice, the Vatican:
All these monuments and many more have replicas scattered around the globe.
Not just simple copies, these constructions are mirrors in which a certain image of the world is reflected.
The Real Thing is a journey into a copy of our world. Seeking the Monumental copycat architecture of China and other countries around the world.
Residential areas where people live an everyday life in places simulating other places.
The Real Thing by Benoit Felici are coproduced by Artline Films and Arte France.
Project website: http://therealthing.film/?fbclid=IwAR1OtCmAF0Ft3Njdi3S3v8G3HEu13m0S8-vNz5swT4T1YfpkYZZdMdqqIcY

Фильм "Что-то настоящее"

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