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6 July 14:00 – 15:00

Synasthenia of streets

Can you sniff letters or hear colors? Synaesthesia of natural origin or congenital synesthesia is an unusual connection of sensations, in which the perception of certain phenomena causes additional sensory experiences in the form of color, taste, touch, etc. Synesthesia can be associated with many of the stimulus found in urban environments. For example, the names of streets, districts, metro stations could be perceived by a person with congenital synesthesia as colors, sense of touches or even tastes. In rare but significant cases, color and tactile synesthesia can be triggered by the properties of urban spaces, squares, closed perceived “tracts”. The stimulus of synaesthesia and the synesthetic experiences caused by them can be touches, postures, environmental sounds, music, temperature and others. Just 4% of all people on earth have congenital synesthesia. At the lecture, we will try to figure out how the study of perceptual and physical interactions in the public space can help to use the synaesthetic potential of the elements of the urban environment and add diversity to the citizen's sensorium.

Синестезия улиц