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6 July 15:00 – 18:00

Let the City Sound

Is it possible for sounds to be scratchy or wet? What do letters smell like or what sounds do colours have? For 4% of the world population, it does not seem like a dream, but the everyday reality. Synesthesia is an unusual connection of feelings where the perception of certain things can elicit additional and unusual sensory experiences, such as colours, smells or haptics. Suppose the interaction with the urban space could be on par with synesthetic experiences. For example, streets will produce sounds through human touch, like an orchestra when musicians take their instruments. What kind of emotions will a passerby get from synesthetic experiences with surrounding objects: a green lawn, park furniture, urban navigation, sculptures or strangers? What changes will happen to a city dweller's emotional attitude to real things and their sensory perception? During the experiment, the workshop participants will create their own scenarios of audio-kinesthetic interactions of the Zaryadye park space. Each touch along with its intensity will be transformed to a sound, tune or audio message via the sensors. Let's hear the synesthetic potential of the urban environment objects and feel its impact on ourselves and others.

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