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7 July 14:00 – 15:00

Superstitions, habits, fetishes: the connection with archaic cultures

We have much more common with ancient people than we tend to believe we do, so we should search for the explanations behind most of our fears, fetishes and habits in the primitive era.

The modern society is arranged differently from the primitive one. Our notions may be different—whether it be family life, universe or religion—but biologically speaking or rather at the neural level, the modern man is almost identical to the ancient one. In fact, some primitive cultures are so deeply entrenched in the structure of our mind that they keep affecting our present life.

We will explore which primitive superstitions, manners and religious prohibitions are to be found in the fabric of the modern society. Indeed there a lot of those: most of us have taboos, fetishes, totems and a place for something sacred. At the lecture, we will uncover the reasons that prompted the rise of religion, cult of the death, different initiation rites, which existed in ancient societies and often persist today.

Суеверия, привычки, фетиши: связь с архаичными культами


Recognize the boundaries of unpopular dualism

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