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7 July 17:00 – 18:00

Play, Walking the Streets of Moscow

VGIK has a monument. Three famous students: Shukshin, Tarkovsky and Shpalikov. They were able to identify the artistic face of national and world cinematography of the second half of the twentieth century. But who is Gennady Shpalikov? Today, hardly anyone will answer. But he will remember his song “Walking the Streets of Moscow” from the film of the same name. And on the subcortex of everyone in the head line: "never go back to the old places ..." As well as thousands of others. All those who knew Shpalikov, as by agreement, said: he is the most sunny, sparkling, dazzling smiling, kind, disinterested person. The mythical thawing 60s, those very poems, first love, songs, youth and confidence that "soon everything will be very good." This is an honest story from honest people: among the bookshelves is one Yevgeny Serzin (“The Invisible Theater”, MDT, the lead singer of the group “Ne'Moy Front”), an accordion and an important heart-to-heart talk. The play “Walking the Streets of Moscow” by the Community Stage and the St. Petersburg “Invisible Theater” (directed by Semyon Serzin), which is known for its very soulful apartment music from the texts of Dovlatov and Volodin.

Спектакль "Я шагаю по Москве"

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