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7 July 16:00 – 18:00

How to Convert Social Connections into Help?

Today you don’t have to be rich to take part in charity. Just doing what makes you happy and being willing to help is enough. Most of us possess the resources and capacities to raise hundreds of thousands of rubles for social projects. At the master class, Katya Grishunina, Head of the Polzuyas Sluchaem platform, will explain what volunteer fundraising is, how it works in Russia and the USA, and what makes it different from crowdfunding. We will talk about motivation and review marketing techniques and real stories from our own experience. We will find out the secret to the Ice Bucket Challenge success and learn how it managed to shake up the charity domain. We will discuss how to change our environment using social networks and the capacities of existing urban communities. In the practical part, Katya will help us to create our first fundraising event. We will learn about all the difficulties one might face during fundraising. In addition, there will be interesting guests who will share their experience of creating events on the Polzuyas Sluchaem platform. *For the practical part, every participant will need a laptop or tablet


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