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6 July 13:00 – 14:00

Collective memory: Tales of the Past by Muscovites

Social science makes a distinction between the concepts of historical, collective, and communicative memory. In the past, everyone had to have the more or less similar memories of certain events (for example, World War II in Russia). Today, our memories are influenced by different institutions. Governments, associations, communities and individuals put up and relocate monuments, discuss and argue about historical figures, their national identity and affiliation with certain groups. The first part of the lecture will be devoted to these interesting and complex concepts and their development within the social science history. Why don't we remember some events we have seen? And why do we remember the things we have never seen? How do families and communities set the boundaries of our memory? In the second part of the lecture, we will use real stories from Muscovites to talk about the mechanisms behind the collective memory of city residents, and try to understand why some events remain in the memory of almost all citizens, and others become vague and dull. We will also discuss retrotopia, or the nostalgia for the past.

Коллективная память: рассказы москвичей из прошлого


Recognize the boundaries of unpopular dualism


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