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7 July 13:00 – 14:00

Emergency skills needed in the city, part 2

First-Aid Myths Check yourself! If someone has fainted: don’t pat their cheeks, or run the smell of ammonia under their nose, or splash water on their face. If someone has a nose bleed: don’t tell them to tip their head back or lie down; don’t plug their nose with cotton wool. If someone has burns: don’t apply oil, butter, cream or ointment. If someone has frostbite: don’t rub the affected areas and don’t warm them until the doctor comes. If someone has been bitten by a snake: don’t make a cut in the bitten area, or suck out the poison, or tight the bitten limb. What are you supposed to do? We will learn the answers from professional first responders, firefighters, and doctors.

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