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6 July 17:20 – 18:30

Play, Yura would Like it

Cosmos is much closer than you think. True, it is usually not physicists who talk about this, but lyrics. Brodsky, Tsvetaeva, Kharms, Asadov, Yesenin ... Director Alexei Zolotovitsky chose 17 poems fr om the late 19th century to the present, composer Yevgeny Barkhatov added an electronic beat and a live clarinet, video artist Alexei Bersenev picked up a visual series, and we decided that “Jure would I liked it". The galaxy is far and near, love is universal and earthly, dreams are always boundless: the viewer will become not just an observer, but an accomplice to eternal reasoning. This is a play about modern humans and their relationships, where space is just a reason to talk. . Director Alexei Zolotovitsky, artist Irina Novichkova, video artist Alexey Bersenev, composer Yevgeny Barkhatov.

Спектакль "Юре бы это понравилось"

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