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6 July 11:00 – 13:00

Children's workshop Architecture of Shadows

It is impossible to convey the delight that you experience when you turn a flat sheet of paper into a magic castle or a piece of modern architecture. Children have great imaginations, but words cannot always describe their fantasies. Sometimes it's not necessary, however, because there are many other ways to do so. You can draw, sculpt or use glue to create the image you have in your mind. Do you know that the same three-dimensional object may cast completely different shadows? We'll check that empirically! We'll discuss with children how to properly arrange buildings on a city plan so that the shadows of tall buildings do not cover low-rise buildings, parks, playgrounds, and monuments. We'll build a city according to the Arena Principle, illuminate it from the centre with a light source, and observe the shadows that will be cast by the architectural pieces created by kids. We'll fix the light source in five positions and cast shadows according to their contour. We'll make the buildings out of cardboard paper with holes and additional details in the style of cities the future. The second part of the city will be suspended in the air. We'll create stellar cities and imitate zero-gravity conditions using paper, paints, threads, wire, and papier-mâché! We'll also touch on the topic of kinetics. Our suspended city will move with the flow of the wind without losing its integrity. Children will look into the architecture of the future. After all, it's so interesting to look beyond today and imagine what people might build and invent in a hundred years or more. They'll also learn a little about kinetics and movements in architecture. Motion is the future, everything changes, including architecture. Together with the children we'll build a huge city with various moving and suspended parts, maintaining balance and uniform integrity! We'll paint it all and exhibit it in the atrium to check how air flows can create movement. We'll draw the shadows from the buildings op-art style in the hatch pattern and place them according to the five light modes. Hatching is a way to add or decrease volume.

Детский воркшоп "Архитектура теней"

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