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7 July 16:00 – 19:00

Digital city//Futureisnown Campus

Futureisnown Campus is a laboratory traveling in the fields of the real and the virtual. Each new “campus” is dedicated to a separate topic, which provokes the artist and the viewer to research and creation of new critical objects. As the person becomes more and more digital, the car appears more and more humane. Futureisnown Campus is exploring the territory of interaction two units, increasingly seeking each other, and declares: the future is feelings. Machine intelligence, consistently superior to the subject, undermines a stable picture of the world based on the paradigm of the Enlightenment. The intellectual factor is increasingly ingrained in computer technology, forcing a person to leave the anthropocentric position in order to redefine own place in the world. The sensual paradigm, for a long time ousted from the sphere of the worker and the public, is today becoming the main resource for the survival of the human future. But what if the car turns out to be empathic?

Цифровой город/Futureisnown Campus

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